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Energy Savers of Florida is an expert in the home performance contracting business. We offer a comprehensive home performance diagnostic designed to identify all comfort, health, & energy efficiency issues in your home. Our highly trained certified home performance consultant thoroughly inspects, tests, safety checks, and evaluates all the components of your home, treating it as a complete integrated system, instead of just a box with some appliances in it.

We use the principles of Building Science, the dynamics of airflow, moisture, and how your homes insulation and HVAC system interacts with the homes construction. Knowing how these systems should integrate and perform as a whole is key to identifying the root causes of the problem. Our specialized training allows us to look further past the typical band-aid type of repair that your typical contractor would use.

When our home performance consultant is done assessing your home, he will provide you a prioritized detailed report with the options and costs for your customized home performance solution. This report will show the energy savings that should be obtained, if you follow the home performance plan that has been provided to you. The home performance consultant will also discuss any financing options or tax credits available to help with the costs.

Once you have selected a home performance plan of action, an experienced Energy Savers of Florida installation crew will be scheduled to meet at your convenience.

After the home performance renovation is complete, we will perform the same diagnostic test as we did in the beginning with the assessment. Remember, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This will allow us to measure the increased home performance that you invested in.

There are many kinds of home performance energy audits out there. Make sure you don’t waste your money and just get just a duct test, GET THE RIGHT ONE THE FIRST TIME.


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