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Energy Savers of Florida uses the highest efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment available. We utilize the principles Building Science and Home Performance techniques to ensure that your equipment will be installed to perform at peek at efficiency, allowing you to experience maximum comfort.

Not all contractor installations are the same!

The EPA and DOE state that up to 50% of the energy used in your home is due to air conditioning and heating usage. This makes it critical that you as a consumer make smart decisions about the type of unit that you choose, and that you choose a contractor that uses a whole house approach and is competent in Building Science and Home Performance Contracting.

Only this type of contractor will be able to ensure that your home and new unit is performing at peek efficiency. Don’t get caught loosing the energy efficiency that you paid for because you saved a few nickels and got a contractor that just replaces the two boxes.

To ensure that a system will perform at its peek efficiency, a Home Performance Diagnostic will need to be performed to identify any thermal infiltrations or duct leakage. Proper air sealing, duct sealing, and insulating is key to making sure that the investment of the new unit will be able to perform at its highest efficiency, significantly lowering your utility bill. When these items are not addressed, you may have just bought a new 16 SEER unit, but it is performing like a 12 SEER, due to the duct system and air infiltrations that were not repaired.

Once these long term investments of the homes duct leakage, air sealing, and insulating have been corrected, you will have this energy efficient thermal envelope for many years to come. If you were ever thinking about using solar panels in the future, your new energy efficient thermal envelope will allow you to use fewer panels on your home.

When it comes to air conditioning and heating systems, BIGGER DOES NOT MEAN BETTER . Your home has to have the right size equipment. If the unit has been oversized, you will not only pay more for the unit, but you will compromise your comfort level and rob the unit of its peek efficiency. An oversized unit will cause short run times. These additional start ups actually cause more energy usage due to the immediate voltage demand required for each initial start up. The short run time will also not allow the humidity to be removed from the air. This could cause moisture or mold problems & would reduce your level of indoor air quality and comfort.

A home owner can not assume that the new unit will be the same size as the original equipment. This is due to many contractors did not perform the proper manual J calculations for the home. Energy Savers of Florida will do the proper manual J calculations and will also apply Building Science principles, using Home Performance techniques that often allows for downsizing of the unit, saving you money.

If a home owner has identified any Home Performance Problems such as, hot or cold rooms, allergies or sneezing, musty odors, high humidity, excessive dust, or high utility bills, one should contact Energy Savers of Florida to obtain a Customized Home Performance Solution.

Energy Savers of Florida is Gulf Power “Check Me” Certified. Call today to see if you qualify for Gulf Power rebates and other federal tax credits.


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