Insulation & Air Sealing

Retrofoam Insulation


This is the most important step you can make to improve the energy efficiency in your home!

If you will insulate and air seal first, you will be able to purchase a smaller more energy efficient heating and air system. This will also help you save money on your utility bills for many years to come. Our comprehensive home performance energy audit uses building science to determine how much air leakage is in your home & identify if the homes insulation levels are sufficient.


What makes your home uncomfortable?

The number one reason homeowners contact Energy Savers of Florida, is due to comfort related issues. They typically complain that they have hot or cold spots in their home, humid air, excessive dust, or they feel a draft in a room.

Another reason a homeowner will call us is due to high utility bills. The main reason one experiences high utility bills is due to air leakage & poor insulation levels in the walls and attic.


Air leakage and insulation in your home:

Air leakage in your home is when outside air enters your home through uncontrollable sources such as crack, gaps or openings. The majority of homes combined air leakage in the attic alone is equivalent to an opening of a large window. This is just the beginning of the robbery of the efficiency of your home.

Some air leaks and drafts are easy to identify such as, around windows and doors. Air leaks such as, hidden holes in attics, basements, or crawl spaces are harder to find and tend to contribute the most air leakage. These types of leaks must be sealed and insulated to improve your energy efficiency.


The image above shows how the heat coming from the furnace in the basement rises into the attic through ceiling fans, registers, recessed lights, and attic accesses. Unfortunately, the homeowner is paying to heat their attic due to the lack of air sealing and insulation in the home. This is just throwing money out the window.

Infrared Picture of wall meeting ceilingThe picture to the right is from an infrared camera.

The blue areas are cold, and the red and yellow areas are hot. This picture shows how cold air made it to the attic. This is cold air that should be in the living space, not the attic. In the winter, this same area will have hot air being blown into the attic.

Energy Savers of Florida utilizes building diagnostics via the use of a blower door and infrared camera to identify all air leaks and insulation inadequacies. This is the only way to truly identify these areas.

Contact Energy Savers of Florida today to permanently fix air sealing & insulation problems that are robbing your of your homes energy efficiency. 800-227-3724.