Residential HVAC Services


Dear Future Customers,

I take this moment to say thanks for your interest in my company. Energy Savers of Florida has been creating Customer Cheerleaders and Raving Fans since 1996.  I started my business with the mindset that I wanted to provide the highest quality service and craftsmanship and offer the best energy efficiency solutions to my customers at reasonable prices.

When you need air conditioning service or energy efficiency solutions, my best advice is to insist on a company who subscribes to The Whole House System Approach utilizing the principles of Building Science and Home Performance Solutions.

What sets Energy Savers of Florida apart from many other heating and air contractors is our methodology allows us to go beyond the usual heating and air conditioning and specialty contractor guesswork.  This allows us to accurately solve a home’s comfort and energy efficiency problems.

A Home Performance Based Company will possess the proper licensing, insurance, personal testimonials, and special certifications from training entities such as the Building Performance Institute. BPI provides certifications to contracting companies committed to the whole house, home performance, and quality assurance programs that ensure their work adheres to national building science standards.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”

If a contractor is not providing you with baseline home performance diagnostics before they start the job, and does not retest after the job is completed, you have no idea how much improved energy efficiency that you just invested in.

Once a customer experiences our service, they often ask us “Why don’t other contractors do business this way?”  Our only conclusion is either they don’t know or they don’t care enough to keep up with the latest in technology.  So who do you want doing the work for you?  Someone that doesn’t know or someone that doesn’t care.  I think you know the answer to this one.

“If you are not testing with us, you’re only guessing with them!”

For your safety, all of our employees undergo background checks, drug testing, and professional training. Everyone in my company is held to strict standards from my receptionists to my service technicians, even myself.  It is my goal that each of our clients feels comfortable and safe when we come to your home. I make sure that my technicians are true gentlemen. I only employ the kind of people that I would allow in my home around my wife and children.  So I invite you to test out our superior service and see for yourself what above and beyond really means! I know you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you,

Chuck Santeler

Building Analyst/CEO