Energy Consumption

Well, I eagerly awaited this past month’s electricity bill considering we had some darn cold weather this past month. I am happy to report my bill was only $126.00. I am attaching a copy of my bills for the last two months. On November 29, thy came out to take off the good cents boxes so you will see a current bill split up.

I am contacting Gulf Power to send me a copy of my bills for the last year so I can compare.
I feel sure that this current bill would have been around at least $200 given the cold that we have had.

However, last year I was on my own and set the thermostat to 68 when I was home and 65 when I left for work every day. We have it at 72 now (an increase of 4 degrees at night and 7 degrees during the day) and don’t change it from that. I feel sure there is at least a $100 savings here. Really quite incredible. And my pocket is surely happy!
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Thank You Again

Dear Energy Savers,

I want to thank you sincerely for the fine job you did for me, installing my new A/C & Heating Unit. I am most grateful to you for the “instant” response to my predicament, no cool air. Thank you to each of the fellows who worked so diligently & long, so that I could have cool air that night.I certainly appreciate them. I can’t say enough good things about your company, and wish God’s blessings on you all. Thank you again.
Yours Sincerely,
Edith M. McGowen


Thank you for a clean, well planned installation

Hi Chuck,
I am very proud of the installation and equipment installed by your fine firm in my residence in Milton, FL. I would be most happy to recommend the services of Energy Savers of Florida to my friends and associates. You are right on top of current technology and we all know that in and of itself takes commitment.

I felt confident the insall and equipment will serve me and my family for many years to come. I have the added assurance in my heart that you will respond to events in a timely manner as demonstrated in the past years of doing business with you and the company.

Thank you for doing a clean well planned installation. We could not really tell such a large project as this took place in our home. You really do the job as if you were doing it in your own home. I can tell the company isreally your aby as to the way you treat it and your customers. (So Professional) You just do not see that in your line of work every day.

I look forward to a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship with such a high class company as yours.
Best Regards,
Stephen Jernigan


From Eric Stevenson

Good afternoon, I just got done talking to Jeni and I saw the pictures of the mishap that occurred today in the house. First let tell you that neither Jeni or I are upset about this at all. We know accidents happen and are very understanding people. The most important thing is that your employee is ok, everything else is secondary.

Jeni relayed to me teh warranty you are giving us, and I would like to say thank you very much. Though I am not going to refuse your generosity, it certainly was not expected. From what Jeni has told me so far and from the pictures of the work in progress I can see that you company is doing and outstanding job! I sincerely appreciate your company’s workmanship and work ethic, I will not hesitate recommending your services to my friends!

I sencerely hope your employee is ok, I am sure his pride may have been impacted a little, but modesty and humbleness is a great lesson to learn, even if you have to fall through a ceiling to achieve it! I undersatnd that he is joining the Air Force, please tell him for me that I don’t hold that against him, just kidding, and to have fun and be safe!

I am sure I will write again after all the work is complete, but for now thank you for all you have done so far.
Very Respectfully,
Eric Stevenson